Only One round needed

Venturing out in the wild forests, the party put the brave ranger out front. He noticed a few bear traps here and there, and pointed them out to the rest of the group. Unfortunately, the horses didn’t get the same message, and stumbled across them. Dawn, the peaceful, golden horse was grazing some long grass and munc- SNAP! A trap snapped closed on her face, gouging deep into her muzzle. 2 minutes, later the men managed to pry the trap off the poor horse, now called Red Dawn.

Later, everyone came across the remains of a dead trapper. Crushed by his own trap: a giant log. Well, it was good to see that the jerk who set all those traps got his comeuppance. Then they found the source of the Skunk River. A smelly spring of sulfurous water. Spotting two giant frogs, peacefully and languidly drowsing in the sun, the Ranger whipped out his bow to shoot them, with the Druid wildly cheering him on.

The next day the group stumbled upon an abandoned temple to Erastil. Charged by an enraged bear, the party went on the defensive until a color spray caught it in the face and brought it crashing down. Against everyone’s wishes Beacon the paladin finished the poor creature’s plight with a swift swipe of his scimitar. The whole area brightened up and it felt like a great weight had been lifted. The druid transformed into a gnomish druid, and we found out that he was cursed by his god for losing his faith and turning to other faiths.

Heading down to the old silver mines, the adventurers wanted to talk with the kobolds living there. They saw some dead bodies hanging from trees outside. But the guard at the entrance let us in and disarmed the traps in the corridor. Inside, there were more bodies strung up all over the place. Apparently, the kobolds were sacrificing warriors to appease their god and please him into returning their missing statuette. “You mean this statuette?” And the kobolds all were in shock as it was pulled out of a sack. The shaman whispered to us conspiratorially in Common, sure, that the other kobolds couldn’t understand us. He planned on having us claim that the god was pleased with the statuette’s return and that the shaman should be elevated to a new, higher position. Beacon, checked him for evil, and took a few steps back as the spiritual ichor from the shaman’s vile deeds laid bare. So, the party just told Chief Sootscale about how the Shaman planned to usurp him. Standing aghast, the shaman’s elaborate speech evaporated, and all he was left with was, “Why did you tell him that?” He was swiftly executed by loyal guards.

Later, reading his journal which was written in Undercommon, it was apparent that the shaman was a real piece of work. He was a gnome who was planning the destruction of his own village, but then died. His follow villagers thought he was a hero somehow, and reincarnated him into a Kobold. He got them all killed and then moved from one kobold settlement to another, killing them from the inside, like an infection.

Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, had her wedding ring returned to her. The friendly bandits got some food and bacon, after the party stumbled across Tuskgutter and killed him in one round, thanks to everyone’s favorite: Color Spray.

Finally, the party was returning home, when the encountered a lone hunter with a deer slung over his shoulder, Beacon strode forth to talk with him, but got a weird vibe. He detected an evil aura coming off him just as the hunter dropped his deer and took a swipe. It was a werewolf, but he was dispatched within one hour as well.

Greenbelt syndicate cleaned up once again!


Wuffy sistofer

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