Tight Little Holes

After the devastating defeat at the hands of mites and various vermin, the Greenbelt Syndicate were only left with 2 remaining heroes. Thankfully, a cadre of new adventurers were sent down by the same royal decree: to clean up the unlawful wilds. They met up with the Greenbelt Syndicate at Oleg’s Trading Post and grouped together.

They headed south, hoping that they would stumble upon the missing survey party. They came across a river and found a spindly, dilapidated BRIDGE spanning it. Crossing over without their mounts, they explored some more but didn’t find anything.

They moved on and stumbled upon a crack in a headland of rock. Boldly striding forth, the new paladin, Deacon Beacon struck out mightily at many a clump of moss, lichen and scum. After daring the cave to throw it’s worse at them, two party members fended themselves from an onslaught of cantankerous bats. It was discovered that the pyrite was indeed gold! They found a potential GOLD MINE.

Later the party came across the strewn and bloody remains of the previous survey party. They discovered a huge, dried out, dead TREE, with a large, man-sized hole tucked into the roots. A heated discussion took place whether to burn the tree down or not. Theh paladin decided to pretend that he was fearless, although he wasn’t experienced enough to feel the true conviction of his faith, and he jumped into the hole, to be followed by two others. Faizel and his guards defended the entrance and doused the whole area with flammable oil just in case a crafty escape plan was needed. After some battle with MITES and giant CATERPILLARS, the group tried to stop a guard from fleeing, and chased it down a hole and lost track of it.

The low ceiling was a hindrance to all but Jeromex, the gnomish Baruid. In his haste, Beacon miscalculated some handholds and fell into a gulch, to face off with a hideous, gargantuan caterpillar, which still had bits of monk, dwarf and half orc, dripping off it’s maw. Thankfully, Jeromex put the vermin to sleep and it was dispatched. Forging ahead, Dale and Beacon were ambushed by some more cowardly mites. They got jumped by a cute sounding TICKLEBACK, which was actually a monstrous blood sucker who nearly killed them both.

Meanwhile, Jeromex dealt with about 8 mites all by himself. Eventually, the party was able to kill the tickleback and slaughter the rest of the mites. The party found some loot from the previous survey party, and an odd looking STATUETTE of a crouching demon.


Wuffy sistofer

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