Benefit Points

Benefit points will be given as rewards for out of the box thinking, Heroic Sacrifice, Good role-playing, Teamwork, and write ups.
Points are awarded to Players, and carry across to new characters if old characters die.

Buy list:
BP 1 : Save your ass use, only once per initiative round.
Spend 1 to Stabilize
Spend 1 to re roll one d20 roll
Spend 1 to add your level to an attack or damage roll

BP 2 : 1 Skill point (spent like regular skill points)
BP 3 : 1 New Class Skill
BP 4 : 5 Skill points (Only able to be spent on Skills to live by)
BP 5 : 1 Bonus Feat
BP 6 :
BP 7 :
BP 8 :
BP 9 : +1 to any Attribute (Just like gain from 4th, 8th, 12th lvl etc..)
BP 10: +1 to any Save (Misc Cumulative Bonus)

Benefit point Tally:
Chris “Mighty Store Owner”: 1
Ed “He of the Valiant White Shirt”: 1
Cleveland “Of the Long Lost ’Fro”: 0
Chris “Slayer of Anything and Everything”: 0
Bond “Mighty Newby Survivor”: 0
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Benefit Points

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